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Well Hello 2023

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

It has been quite the festive period for The Bikepacking Dad! Not only did we have all the joys of Christmas with our toddler Arthur but we welcomed our second child Bryn into the family just before Christmas. As presents go that was a pretty good one. Expensive though!

As we were expecting Bryn this meant Christmas was secondary this year. However, we still managed to get Arthur a decent selection of presents (consisting mainly of toy cars and trains as he can’t get enough of them) and I rustled up a rather spectacular Christmas dinner if I do say so myself. I felt sufficiently stuffed to an uncomfortable level but still found room to store some chocolate roulade later on in the evening.

River Tweed
The River Tweed

Christmas River Walk

When it came to gifts between my wife and I we just did a small selection each. I received a lovely little Bikepacking book which I am sure I will review once I have read it, but my favourite gift was a lovely pair of Sony wireless earbuds. I’m not here to do a review on them as they are not cycling related but if you are after a pair of earbuds then click here for the impressive review given by WhatHiFi.

This did get me thinking about people who wear earbuds, headphones etc on the bike. Personally, anything which completely prevents you from hearing traffic and other surrounding noises whilst on the bike is a big no no for me.

However, what if there was a set of headphones that allowed you to hear your music and also hear your surroundings… Keep an eye on the blog and the YouTube channel over the next week for a review of a really interesting product that does just that.

I may have treated myself to a few gifts over Christmas… I purchased a GoPro in order to create different content on the YouTube channel along with a new sleeping mat and pillow combo.

I’ll not drop any brand or product names just yet because I am excited to get out there and test them first. Once I have done this I’ll do as I always do and give you an honest review!

Right, I’ll not take up too much of your time but I hope you all had a great Christmas and that 2023 has started out positively for you. Thanks again for all the support. YouTube is up over 100 subscribers now which is brilliant!

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