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Merry Christmas! What Does 2023 Hold?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Well the Scottish winter weather has well and truly arrived and for the last week we have had snow, ice, and some chilly minus temperatures. Not a lot of cycling has been happening unfortunately but once it thaws a little bit a couple of mates and I already have a ride planned. Another chance for me to have a blast on my new bike! If you haven’t seen my video on the new bike click here.

River Tweed Gattonside

Arthur Slipping & Sliding!

The Bikepacking Dad Blog and YouTube channel will be celebrating their first Christmas this year. Having only been up and running for a few months the process has been very enjoyable and the support along the way much appreciated.

There’s no denying that the YouTube side of things has been the more successful way of reaching people with similar interests but the blog is still attracting new visitors every now and then. People just prefer to consume video content rather than read!

The Blog and the YouTube channel have kept me busy and I have tried my best to make both as good a standard as possible as I continue to learn how to create and edit etc.

I hope some of the stories and reviews have been enjoyable to read / watch and I am looking forward to getting stuck into 2023 to see what Bikepacking / Cycling adventures I get into.

If you have been following any of my recent videos or blog posts you will know that Santa is bringing me a very expensive gift any day now – a new child! Our second boy is very close to being with us and we are all pretty excited. Not excited for the lack of sleep though…

2023 will be very busy but I aim to work hard to keep blogging and vlogging so I can share my cycling life with the small corner of the world that reads or watches The Bikepacking Dad.

Maggie Enjoying the Snow

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