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Galashiels Hike & Bike Hub - An Introduction

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

A few weeks ago I noticed a new little shop pop up on the high street. I wouldn't usually pay too much attention but this shop had a bike outside... It had my attention now!

After a little look online to se what it was all about (Galashiels Hike & Bike Hub Website)

I decided to get in touch with Angela and George and see if we could help each other out. After all - the goal is to get more people on bikes.

I popped in for a coffee and we had a chat about what I do, what they offer, and just like that we had a few ideas on how we could try and help out our local community when it came to cycling.

Don't have a bike? Don't worry - bike hire is available at very reasonable prices! Walking is also a big part of their mission but I'll stick to what I know and talk about the two wheeled part!

My Whyte 805 hardtail MTB needed some work on the gears due to a sticky cable so George gave me a time, I turned up, and he showed me start to finish how to repair it. There's not many mainstream bike shops that let you in the workshop and teach you at the same time!

A great cause with great services on offer to get anyone of any age / size / fitness level / experience onto a bike. I know what cycling does for my mental wellbeing so I was more than happy to share the Hike & Bike Hub with my corner of the internet.

Show them some love and drop them messages of support here: Hike & Bike Hub Facebook

Like bike maintenance and want to learn a few new skills? Watch this space for a mini series where George will be teaching me and putting me through my paces! Thanks for watching.


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