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My Bikepacking Year: Episode 5 of 12 – May @ Clovenfords

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Episode 5 is here and the good weather decided to join me for the first time this year! No rain, snow, crazy winds - just beautiful views, sunsets and sunrises, and plenty of wildlife to keep me company.

This episode was a challenge edition as the weekend trip was not possible due to family commitments. The challenge was this:

Could I finish work, head home, get on the bike, ride for a few hours, find a camp site, have some dinner, get a good nights sleep, and get up in time to pack it all away and be at work for 8am the next day...?

I had to plan slightly differently and do a little bit of preparation the day before so that the bike was all ready to go after work but I was up for the challenge! Enjoy the video and if you have ever fancied trying something similar then this will give you a taste of whether it's a great idea or a terrible one!

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